Teens - Gen Zers Are Well Connected, Well rounded

 Source - "Teen Wolf", Wolfkill

"Well, Dad it didn't pass me by. It landed on my face." – Scott Howard, "Teen Wolf", Wolfkill, 1985

Every generation has been the one that was going to take the world straight to hell. Gen Z may be the generation that turns the corner.

Today's teens aren't your prime customer market – yet, but they are the next in line to take over business, the world.

They're the first generation born with the Internet, the Web, apps and smartphones.

They are almost constantly connected and are perfectly comfortable tapping into any news, information, entertainment anywhere in the world.

Obviously, they're screwed up.

Except they're not!

And it's important that we know, understand them because – and let's be crass about it – they are the big customers of tomorrow and according to world census figures, they're a big market:

Silent Generation (69+) – 10.5 percent of the population

Baby Boomers (50–68) – 23.6 percent

Gen X (38–49) – 15.4 percent

Millenials (20–37) – 24.5 percent

Gen Z (19 and under) – 25.9 percent

Gen Z is rapidly coming into its own in terms of influence, consumption and spending power. The better you understand them, the better chance you have to be the product, service they want to align with, support, use and recommend.

Wikia's co–founder, Jimmy Wales noted, "It is clear that this generation is using technology in a way that is smarter, more involved and beneficial to their future. We can learn a lot from how this unbounded, younger generation interacts with technology and are able to quickly adapt to this rapidly changing media landscape."

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Brian Larter 1965-2024 founder of Cuescript 20-May-24

 It is with great sadness that CueScript announces today the passing of founder Brian Larter, age 58. One of the most popular people in the broadcast industry, Brian was loved and respected by the global community, especially for his legendary sense of humour. He was diagnosed with a rare pancreatic cancer in 2018 and spent the past five years undergoing treatment and enjoying life with his family, wife Justine, daughters Louise, Gina and Abbie, and much loved grandsons. 

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Success, Safety of IoT Relies on People, Not Companies

 "Happens all the time, man. They're falling out of the skies like flies. Government knows all about it,." – Palmer, "The Thing," Universal Pictures, 1982

You're thoughtful, cautious and savvy when it comes to picking a mate, choosing a new job/career and picking the restaurant where you're going to have dinner this evening.

Then someone offers you free email and 10TB of storage or a discount on your car insurance, or a reasonably priced band that will help you lose weight/regain your health or a thermostat that will slash your heating bill and you say "That's cool, I'm in."

Welcome to the wide, wonderful world of IoT (Internet of Things).

It's huge and getting huger!

According to IDC, there are about 14.5B devices/things connected to the Internet and each other. By 2025 there will be 27B––roughly eight for every person on the planet.

By then, every product manager worth his/her salt won't even think about introducing something unless it has a sensor in it so it will be part of the nearly $487 billion market.

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First speakers announced for IBC Conference (IBC)

I  wanted to remind you that limited super early bird tickets are available for the IBC Conference and they are selling fast! SKY, Orange, Virgin Media, BBC Studios, WPP, BritBox International, Olympic Channel, Paramount and ITV are already confirmed to speak on topics including AI, fake news and sports broadcasting.

RMi Amplifies Connectivity and Clarity at Major 2024 Music and Arts Festival With Riedel Communications' Technology (Riedel)

Riedel Communications today announced its pivotal role in bringing unparalleled audio clarity and connectivity to one of the U.S.'s biggest 2024 music and arts festivals. 

Grass Valley Equips Fujairah TV with Advanced Live Production Technology (Grass Valley)

Grass Valley, a leader in live production solutions, proudly announces its collaboration with Fujairah TV, a prominent broadcaster in the United Arab Emirates, to upgrade their existing studio facilities

The Tech, The Trends, The People. (NAB Show)

 It has been less than a month since we came together for the 2024 NAB Show.

Harmonic Launches New High-Density Remote OLT to Simplify Fiber Broadband Service (Harmonic)

Versatile Pearl R-OLT Enables Economic Delivery of Fiber Broadband from Node Enclosures 

Harmonic Sets the Pace for Intelligent Broadband Networks at ANGA COM 2024 (Harmonic)

Harmonic to Showcase Transformative Broadband Access Innovations for Enhanced Service Quality and Multigigabit Speeds over Fiber and DOCSIS Networks 

The IBC Awards are back! | Enter Now (IBC)

 The IBC Awards are back!

We are delighted to announce that entries for the IBC Innovation Awards are open. 

The call for entries will close on 31st May 2024.

All parts of the industry are invited to suggest nominations for projects and programmes.


We brought AI-powered innovation to NAB 2024

WDR Filmhaus to Implement Riedel Infrastructure (Riedel)

Award-Winning MediorNet HorizoN Hybrid Processing Platform Serves as Bridge to IP 

Harmonic Extends cOS Broadband Platform with Breakthrough Intelligent Speed Maximizer (Harmonic)

New Beacon Application Maximizes Broadband Speeds, Improves Reliability, Enhances Quality of Experience and Lowers OPEX 

HHB - Upgrades, New Products, and More! (HHB)

Storm, a full service post-production company based in Covent Garden, has upgraded its main audio suite to Dolby Atmos.

The IBC Awards are back! | Enter Now (IBC)

 Unique in the industry, the IBC Awards this year bring together under one umbrella IBC’s Innovation and Social Impact Awards to enable a single celebration of different industry advances – creative, operational, social or commercial. 

In Other News

Rohde & Schwarz shows the future of terrestrial broadcasting at CABSAT 2024

Matrox Video and Abcom Distribution to Launch Distribution Partnership With Joint Demo at Integrate ME

WorldDAB News

Ikegami Introducing New Broadcast Production Camera, OCP and Monitors to APAC Market at Broadcast Asia 2024

Witbe to Highlight Ad Monitoring and Matching Technology for Video Service Providers at BroadcastAsia 2024

Viaccess-Orca 2024 BroadcastAsia Exhibitor Preview

EditShare celebrates anniversaries at CABSAT with innovations, integrations and implementations

Chyron Unveils Significant Updates to Chyron LIVE Cloud Production Platform

Calrec Craft Interview: Aston Fearon, Sound Supervisor

WorldDAB News

Custom Consoles Announces Latest-Generation M-Desk Technical HA Media Workstation

Fresh from Success at NAB 2024, Actus Digital Set to Shine at CABSAT and Broadcast Asia

Recent Appointments

TSL Welcomes Gary Heelas as Principal Engineer, Strengthening Commitment to Anglo-American Manufacturing & Design Excellence
Amagi Appoints Richard Perkett as Chief Product Officer to Lead the Next Stage of Innovation, Scale, and Growth

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SMPTE®, the home of media professionals, technologists, and engineers, in conjunction with the European Broadcasting Union (EBU) and the Entertainment Technology Center (ETC), have released a comprehensive document on Artificial Intelligence (AI) and its effect on the media. The document was the result of a task force on AI standards in media that began in 2020. 

The Glitz, Hopes, Promises, Questions Were Back at CES 2024 24-Jan-24


Opening Day – This year, Gary Shapiro, CEO of CTA, marked the 100th anniversary of the organization and the opening to a product/information-packed CES 2024.

After all these years, it’s great to get through the holidays and make our annual trek to Las Vegas to see what’s new, what’s exciting and what the **** were they thinking with their techie offerings.

Gary Shapiro, CEO of CTA (Consumer Technology Association) has been opening the CES show and gives folks an idea of what they’ll see and miss during the four-day event spread across 2.5M square feet of exhibit space.

 It’s impossible for th3 130,000 plus attendees to catch all of the business/industry/government keynotes/panel sessions and still have time to visit anything more than a sampling of the 4,000 plus exhibitors, including about 1,200 start-ups that hope to be discovered and sell their stuff or their company. 

AI was in every product, service, promise we saw this year, along with a lot of cool and not so cool products.

AI - A Very Useful Video Entertainment Tool Kit 24-Jan-24


Hero image – “A.I. Artificial Intelligence,” Warner Brothers

To the logical conclusion… that Blue Fairy is part of the great human flaw to wish for things that don’t exist, or to the greatest single human gift – the ability to chase down our dreams.” — Professor Hobby, “A.I. Artificial Intelligence,” Warner Bros., 2001

Money has been important in the WGA/SAG-AFTRA strike– and you name it strike; but that’s a discussion for a later discussion.

Money was a skirmish … the long-term battle/discussion is intuitive/generative AI and the benefits it is going to deliver for studios, creators, audiences.

It’s the pitch all of the AI experts – Greg Brockman (OpenAI), Clement Delangue (Hugging Face), Sundar Pichai (Alphabet/Google), Satya Nadella (Microsoft), Aidan Gomez (Cohere) and hundreds of other VC-funded start-ups around the globe – have given that resonate with bosses … better, faster, cheaper products, services, solutions.

Even Elon Musk, who is an expert in just everything, is in the mix to deliver the definitive AI solution.

At the same time, they’re releasing and promoting the brave new world, 350 experts (including the above) issued a joint statement, “Mitigating the risk of extinction from A.I., should be a global priority alongside other societal-scale risks such as pandemics and nuclear war.”

Oh, that’s freakin’ great!

First of all, these better solutions are built on algorithms – a process/set of rules to be followed in problem solving operations by a computer.

Okay, that’s the basic premise and they seem to do what you expect them to do … sorta, kinda.

But have you ever written out the objectives/goals of the algorithms you’ve used?

Have you ever written/coded your own algorithm?

We haven’t either but then we don’t understand how to build/fly a plane. We’re comfortable that others did/do their jobs properly.

However, AI is a whole different thing because … we’ve seen the movies! 200l: A Space odyssey, Colossus, Westworld, Alien, Blade Runner, War Games, Star Trek, Ghost in the Shell, Matrix, Resident Evil, M3gan, MI: DR and probably 100s created/produced around the globe.

While it’s not technically about AI, we also viewed/enjoyed the start of it all, Metropolis, with Maria’s robot double. Gotta’ tell you, not once did things end up well for the characters that breath, eat, sleep, love/hate, desire/feel.

2024 Has a World of Potential for the Industry 02-Jan-24

“Without the burden of memories, we're a clean slate, we can have a fresh start. Nobody can tell you who you are but you yourself. This world is created by our thoughts. The rules are different here.” – Yan, “Coma,” Big Sky Films, 2019

Don’t know how to tell you but this was not the year we looked forward to this time last year.

Yes, 2020 was close to being a complete disaster, but most of us made it through with bare bones sanity.

2021/22 was all about shaping things up, getting a handle on what the new normal was going to be and getting ready for a year that would knock our socks off.

This was the year that was going to rock!

Okay, the year wasn’t BAD but it was just bad enough to seismically change the course of most of the industry’s plans and goals.

So, let’s see what tomorrow has in store for us.

First, let us clarify our position at the outset … we like to make our own mistakes so, AI? 

No freakin’ way!

After all, we’ve never seen an AI movie that ended well.

However, it’s here/coming, especially in the film/show industry.

It’s going to save time, money,and improve the product.  Just ask the “experts.”

Everyone wants their piece of the action, even though few can describe it other than it’s going to be great.

Dive in … what could possibly go wrong?