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  • Tidal Change in Content Production, Delivery, Consumption

    “Well, Mr. Stello, in the Coast Guard they say you gotta go out. But they don’t say you gotta come back in.” – Bernie Webber, “The Finest Hours,” Walt Disney Pictures, 2016


    Okay, one of our neighbors is driving us nuts!Yes, he has enough toilet paper for his self-imposed quarantine/isolation, but he keeps calling us saying there’s “nothing on” … no soccer, cricket, field hockey from home (India); no US basketball, hockey, golf, baseball; or any sports.

  • Just Checkin - If You Feel You're Largely Overlooked - You Are So Wrong

    “Don't forget, you're behind enemy lines.”—Mark Snow, “Person of Interest,” Warner Bros., 2011–2016

  • Despite the Shortcomings, Homes are Getting Smarter

    “Your thoughts produce electrical signals, which the implant captures and decodes into algorithms. And stalling won’t help you now.” Alex, “Tau,” Addictive Pictures, 2018


    CES really is the greatest show on earth … 29M sq. ft of exhibit space, more than 4500 exhibitors and about 1200 debit card startups.

  • Screen Time for Gen Alphas, Gen Zs - Depends

     “Vamp him.” – “The Kid,” Charlie Chaplin Productions, 1921

  • Gaming Lets You Be Who You Want to Be

    “People come to the Oasis for all the things they can do, but they stay for all the things they can be.” Parzival, Ready Player One,” Amblin Entertainment, 2018

  • Uncover Undercover - CES Evolves to Be More Valuable than a Trade Show

     “I suspect foul play. I have eliminated no suspects.” – Benoit Blanc, “Knives Out,” Lionsgate, 2019

    Even though CES is more than a month in the rearview mirror there was something “different” about the event we couldn’t shake and couldn’t quite figure out.


    It wasn’t that it was our first rodeo because cripes, we’ve been at this trade show stuff since the days when there were two CESs a year – Vegas and lovely summers in hot and humid Chicago.