Hyper-convergence: the future of media data storage By Paul Cameron, Global Managing Director at pixitmedia


Hyper-converged infrastructure software -defined technology removes such limitations associated with hardware appliances. Read more...

Professional Audio in AV - Emerging From a Pandemic


 The professional audio market has traditionally been an area of long-term growth, driven by macro factors and innovation across a range of vertical and product segments.. Article by James Kirby, Professional Audio Analyst

Investment in Tech by the Education Sector Has Soared


Investment in Tech by the Education Sector Soared in 2020, with the Rise of Hybrid Learning Expected to Fuel Further Growth

Optimising live content in parliamentary broadcasting


Major milestones over the last few years have created a swell of public engagement in political processes and debates. By James Burt, CTO at VUALTO.

Google I/O 2021: AI is the answer; now. what was the question?


If anyone was doubtful about the trajectory of AI and its propensity to solve all the world's problems, Sundar Pichai's keynote at Google I/O showcased several examples.

Kids Tech - Competing for Kids' Digital Entertainment Mindshare in the Pandemic World


 In terms of engaging and competing for the eyeballs of audiences' and advertising revenue, both 2020 and 2021 brought about challenges for the traditional media industries.

Video Conferencing and Cloud Peripheral Adoption Propelled to Unprecedented Heights


The all-engulfing COVID-19 has undoubtably changed the working world, propelling the need for video conferencing forward, driving awareness and adoption to unprecedented heights across both the professional and personal landscapes. 

The Changing Face of The Corporate Workspace


2020 was a tumultuous year and one that will cast a long shadow over almost every aspect of our lives. For many of those normally working in offices, one of the most significant changes has been being forced to work from home as most countries around the world went through various stages of "lockdown".

Canadian Powerhouse Corus Entertainment Invests in OpenMedia Newsroom Systemv


Leading Canadian broadcaster Corus Entertainment has invested in the OpenMedia platform from CGI. 

A New Breed of Conferencing Products Showcase Explosive Potential for the Future


COVID-19 has totally shaken up the workplace. For many of us, our homes became our meeting room overnight, bringing with it a whole set of new challenges in enabling effective communication and collaboration.