SVoD & AVoD Hybrid Models Driving Engagement in the Indian Streaming Video Battleground


Futuresource Consulting unveils the latest Video Insights India report, which maps out the dynamics of this key emerging and increasingly dynamic video battleground. 

Spotify HiFi: Why it's a Big Deal and What it Means for the Consumer Audio Market


During its "Stream On" event, Spotify announced that it plans to launch a Hi-Fi streaming plan offering lossless streaming in CD quality later this year in selected markets.

Futuresource Consulting Digital Media and Entertainment- Free Report Download - Perspective on. What Next for AVoD?


 With streaming video exploding to new heights in 2020, AVoD's momentum continues, which would have occurred regardless of the pandemic's influence.

Collaboration Tech


Working from Home - Is it Here to Stay?

The Rapids Rise Again as Antix Digital Acquires Live Streaming and Compression Portfolio from Imagine Communications


Newly formed startup will accelerate innovation within renowned product lines while bringing their benefits to broader markets and opportunities

Free CES Report Download Published -The Top CE Trends to Emerge in 2021 - Futuresource Consulting


 The CE team at Futuresource would like to share its key findings from this year's virtual CES show.  Download a free report click here  

We are slowly embracing the IoT revolution so what to expect in our homes in the coming years


Our homes are quickly getting smarter. From smart meters helping us to better manage our energy output to smart security cameras monitoring possible criminal activity, the internet of things is quickly being built around us. 

Virtual Assistants Market Projected to Double by 2024


 The global market for virtual assistants (VAs) continues to exhibit robust performance, propelled by enhancements in the underlying technologies along with increasing penetration across Consumer Electronics. 

CES Special - The Top CE Trends to Emerge in 2021


Drawing on in-depth research and key findings from this year’s virtual CES show, Futuresource will be outlining their key expectations for the year ahead.

Administrative Tools are the New K-12 EdTech Battleground


 As the number of electronic devices in use across North American schools continues to proliferate, K-12 curriculum leaders and IT decision makers are turning to administrative tools to manage data assets, track progress and provide support.