The latest generation, multi-rate configurable Equaliser / Cable Driver from Semtech is now in full production...

The new GS12190 multi-rate configurable Equaliser / Cable Driver from Semtech improves performance and helps designers achieve maximum cable length at all rates in real world designs.


It also simplifies pcb layout to the previous generation. The GS12190 is footprint compatible with the GS12090, and will drop into existing GS12090 designs, and in most cases will lead to more robust operation. Since the GS12190 is a reclocking device, extremely low output jitter is achievable even at extended cable/trace lengths. The device supports SMPTE ST 2082-1 (12G UHD-SDI), ST2081-1 (6G UHD-SDI), ST 424 (3G SDI), ST 292-1 (HD-SDI), and ST 259 (SD-SDI) signals.

Typical equalized cable lengths of Belden 1694A cable:

  • 70m at 11.88Gb/s
  • 80m at 5.94Gb/s
  • 170m at 2.97Gb/s
  • 240m at 1.485Gb/s
  • 400m at 270Mb/s

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